After noticing there was a lack of a wide and bold script font in out library, taterTodd was created with that in mind. It was written with a brushtipped felt-pen, which made for the small thick and thin differences in the font. These can mainly be found in the uppercase characters and the font works quite well in only upper-case. TaterTodd is very suitable for menu's, especially when used in white on a dark background.


Available license options

PRINT License: With a single print license you are allowed to install the font on up to 5 devices (desktop, laptop or tablet) and use the font in commercial projects.
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WEB License: A single WEB License allows for 10.000 pageviews a month. The license is limited to one domain (a single URL) with a maximum of 5 subdomains, as long as their combined traffic falls within the licensed amount.
A second license allows for 50.000 pageviews a month and a third for up to a 100.000 pageviews.
Each next license allows for an additional 100.000 pageviews.
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When you buy two or more fonts you receive a 25% discount