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New font: Quarantinus

The Quarantinus font was created during the 2020 covid 19 lock-down. Tranquility being all around, the JOEBOB graphics studio almost felt like a monastery, and as a result my style of writing and my choice of pen had to fit. 
All this writing was turned into an authentic handwritten script font with over 150 ligatures, which make it look very credible and spontaneous. 

The font is especially suitable for personalized ‘handwritten’ notes, cards and messages. It can be used on T-shirts and on shop-windows. It has an ‘instant logo’ quality, it can be used for tattoo-designs and it screams home-made everything. And in case you are a writer you now have an option to print your work in a way that seems as if you wrote it yourself.

Please note that even though the font comes with a complete set of Western characters, accents and special signs, the Cyrillic and Greek characters that are in the font do not make a complete set.

You can try it out for yourself and even buy a copy here.