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VanderHand & Hadesz font deal

Since we value our customers and we take pride in our fonts being used in the real world, we are pleased to offer you a package deal that includes our two most recent fonts, Hadesz and VanderHand at a reduced price of only $ 19.95

You can place your order by using this link

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New font: Hadesz

Hadesz is a lusty and playful font with a brushy texture. It took me over a year to create, going back & forth to the drawing table trying to get the right flow. The ever increasing amount of ligatures was also very time consuming. But – to my humble opinion – it eventually payed off.

The many ligatures and lots of texture are making Hadesz a heavy motherf*cker. So I decided to also create a lighter, basic version without ligatures. So you can decide for yourself to go Basic or Pro.
Gotten curious? Get your own copy here

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Free font deal

We’re giving away two of our commercial fonts for free! Please note that the offer stands for this month only and these fonts are meant to be used for personal projects.

Pick up your free copies by using this link

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New font: Lingua

Lingua is the unlikely offspring of our CAPUT font. Wondering what the undercast characters of this font would look like, I started writing. I was pleased with the first results and this encouraged me to pursue the process. The final font still has some slight resemblance to its predecessor, but stands completely on its own. This bold, sturdy typeface is very suitable for headers, posters and other designs where large sizes are needed. It comes with both a western and a cyrillic character set. Check it out here.

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New font: Epistula

Containing over 100 ligatures, Epistula is a loosely written font, resembling my own natural way of writing. It has a nice flow and the pointy tail-ends give it a certain speed. Creating Epistula has been a long process, but returning to the drawing board a few times has – in my humble opinion – paid off. This font comes in two weights: regular and medium. Because sometimes one flavour isn’t enough…
To buy this font, click here