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New font: VanderHand

The ‘VanderHand’ font is a friendly and easy to use handwritten font. It is so loaded with ligatures it could easily pass for actual handwriting.
The font was created with a felt-tip brush pen and so there are natural thick and thin parts in the characters. All writing was done upright with tightly fit characters. As a result this font has a unique ‘instant logo’ quality. But you should really try this out for yourself.

O, and the font was written by Jeroen van der Ham.
It’s his handwriting. That’s why it’s called VanderHand.

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New font: Quarantinus

The Quarantinus font was created during the 2020 covid 19 lock-down. Tranquility being all around, the JOEBOB graphics studio almost felt like a monastery, and as a result my style of writing and my choice of pen had to fit. 
All this writing was turned into an authentic handwritten script font with over 150 ligatures, which make it look very credible and spontaneous. 

The font is especially suitable for personalized ‘handwritten’ notes, cards and messages. It can be used on T-shirts and on shop-windows. It has an ‘instant logo’ quality, it can be used for tattoo-designs and it screams home-made everything. And in case you are a writer you now have an option to print your work in a way that seems as if you wrote it yourself.

Please note that even though the font comes with a complete set of Western characters, accents and special signs, the Cyrillic and Greek characters that are in the font do not make a complete set.

You can try it out for yourself and even buy a copy here.

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New font: Old letterHand

‘Old letterHand’ is a very legible handwritten script font, created with a fine brush pen. The font was made with old style lettered ads in mind but it is has a modern look. It features a couple of ligatures, alternate characters and a few swashes for you to play around with. 
In no way has this font any connections with a certain cowboy from a few decades ago. Neither with his Indian friend Winnetou.
Click here to buy this font.

Related fonts are fourHand and blackHand.

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New font: CAPUT

Sometimes restrictions can be fun! Creating a typeface consisting of only capitals and giving it the appearance of a handwritten font, was both challenging and rewarding. Written with a soft pencil, the resulting structure fits in with the quirky and raw look of the typeface. It’s very suitable for headlines, posters and packaging design. Check it out yourself

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A farewell to the old website

Even though it has served us well for the last decade, time has come to say goodbye to our old website. It was no longer possible for us to keep things up-to-date and in line with recent device developments within the old template and so we had to take measures.
We hope you like how things turned out and if so we would appreciate you letting us know.
It took a bit longer than expected to get this new website up-and-running and since we’re not the kind of guys that like to sit on their hands, three new fonts were created in the meantime. They are called ‘Creta’ (by Geert), ‘Hesster Moffett’ and ‘hillBelly’ (by Joe) and you can find them all below.