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New font: VanderHand

The ‘VanderHand’ font is a friendly and easy to use handwritten font. It is so loaded with ligatures it could easily pass for actual handwriting.
The font was created with a felt-tip brush pen and so there are natural thick and thin parts in the characters. All writing was done upright with tightly fit characters. As a result this font has a unique ‘instant logo’ quality. But you should really try this out for yourself.

O, and the font was written by Jeroen van der Ham.
It’s his handwriting. That’s why it’s called VanderHand.

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Zwanenberg family crest

The Zwanenberg family was looking for a family crest that represented their name (Swan-mountain). The curl at the bottom refers to one of their ancestors hairdressing background and the four parts of the wing represent their four children.