About us

At JOEBOB graphics we like to write. And we like to keep it real.
We create our handwritten fonts in such a way that they end up looking like handwriting, not like polished scripts. We do so because we think it’s a good idea to establish a natural feel to our fonts and aim for character and intention over perfection. Little flaws we make while writing are welcomed and left in on purpose because we think it contributes to the idea of being human in an increasingly digital world.

JOEBOB graphics was founded in 2005 by Jeroen van der Ham who studied Graphic Design in the ‘s-Hertogenbosch school of fine arts. That’s where he met Geert Dijkers, who joined the company in 2014.
Their studio can be found in what used to be the cafeteria of the old ‘s-Hertogenbosch gun powder factory ‘de Kruithoorn’.