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New font: Quarantinus

The Quarantinus font was created during the 2020 covid 19 lock-down. Tranquility being all around, the JOEBOB graphics studio almost felt like a monastery, and as a result my style of writing and my choice of pen had to fit. 
All this writing was turned into an authentic handwritten script font with over 150 ligatures, which make it look very credible and spontaneous. 

The font is especially suitable for personalized ‘handwritten’ notes, cards and messages. It can be used on T-shirts and on shop-windows. It has an ‘instant logo’ quality, it can be used for tattoo-designs and it screams home-made everything. And in case you are a writer you now have an option to print your work in a way that seems as if you wrote it yourself.

Please note that even though the font comes with a complete set of Western characters, accents and special signs, the Cyrillic and Greek characters that are in the font do not make a complete set.

You can try it out for yourself and even buy a copy here.

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New font: Epistula

Containing over 100 ligatures, Epistula is a loosely written font, resembling my own natural way of writing. It has a nice flow and the pointy tail-ends give it a certain speed. Creating Epistula has been a long process, but returning to the drawing board a few times has – in my humble opinion – paid off. This font comes in two weights: regular and medium. Because sometimes one flavour isn’t enough…
To buy this font, click here

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Change script

The Paris based office of brand consulting and design company Landor asked us to create a custom typeface for one of their clients. They really liked our CAPUT font and wanted an adaptation. The original crayon effect was changed to a smooth version with a brushy touch. The typeface has also been expanded with undercast and alternate characters. We’re looking forward to see the font in action!

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New font: Old letterHand

‘Old letterHand’ is a very legible handwritten script font, created with a fine brush pen. The font was made with old style lettered ads in mind but it is has a modern look. It features a couple of ligatures, alternate characters and a few swashes for you to play around with. 
In no way has this font any connections with a certain cowboy from a few decades ago. Neither with his Indian friend Winnetou.
Click here to buy this font.

Related fonts are fourHand and blackHand.

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New font: dearJoe 7

The dearJoe series of fonts came to life around the year 1999, when I created dearJoe 1, which was a first (and half-assed) attempt to convert my own handwriting into a working font. Being able to type in my own hand had always been a childhood fantasy, and even though I only partly understood the software, a working font was generated and I decided to put it on the internet for people to use in their own personal projects.
Which they did: at this moment the dearJoe 1 font has been downloaded millions of times and can be found on Vietnamese riksjas, Tasmanian gyms and chocolate stores on 5th Avenue for instance.
The font is not something I am particularly proud of, but it started me of in building what’s now the JOEBOB graphics foundry.
Inbetween creating other fonts, the dearJoe series has become a theme I revisit every once in a while, trying to create an update on how my handwriting has evolved, along with my abilities in creating fonts that mimic actual handwriting. In the last decade or so I started implementing ligatures and alternate characters, which helped a lot in coming to a result that can almost pass for actual handwriting.

The 2019 dearJoe 7 font is the latest addition to this font family.
All characters were scanned from handwritten notes, cherrypicking the characters and letter-combinations I liked best. They were written with a Lamy M66 B pen and only minor adjustments were made to the original scans, leaving most little flaws and rough edges as they were for a convincing ball-point on paper result.
The font comes with over 150 ligatures, making sure the font has a variated and credible overall look and feel and you can buy your own copy here: dearJoe 7