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RTL Boulevard Brasil

During the Olympic Games in Rio, the dutch TV station RTL4 is broadcasting the program RTL Boulevard Brasil in which they give a daily update on the Olympic events. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Origo font was used to create the logo.

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A farewell to the old website

JBgfx Homepage

Even though it has served us well for the last decade, time has come to say goodbye to our old website. It was no longer possible for us to keep things up-to-date and in line with recent device developments within the old template and so we had to take measures.
We hope you like how things turned out and if so we would appreciate you letting us know.
It took a bit longer than expected to get this new website up-and-running and since we’re not the kind of people who like to sit on their hands, three new fonts were created in the meantime. They are called ‘Creta’ (by Geert), ‘Hesster Moffett’ and ‘hillBelly’ (by Joe) and you can find them below.

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Covergirl script

Covergirl 2

We were asked to create a handwritten script font exclusively for Covergirl. Initially being a bit hasitant to do such a job, we thought it might be fun to try and create a hybrid and so the result contains characters by both Geert and Jeroen.

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New font: Creta

Created with a very soft pencil, this rough edged font comes with a couple of ligatures and a few icons.
Check it out here